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How to sign up

LODGEA is designed as a self-service application with which you can do everything yourself or with the help of your colleagues and business partners. Sign up, account creation, configuration, managing content and connecting 3rd party systems is all available through the Management Console.

Sign up for a new account

Sign up for a new account

You can sign up for a new account by navigating to Select your desired subscription and enter your company details. The account will be created immediately after your details and payment information were verified.

Which subscription to choose

All subscriptions come with almost all features and the difference is mainly in the amount services included as well as the support options. We recommend you careful compare the options in the LODGEA Pricing Information. You can switch between subscriptions at any time inside the Billing section of the Management Console after you logged in. If you're having trouble logging in, kindly contact our support team through for help.

US and EU regions

You can choose between two regions: the European Union and the United States Of America. The regions have no effect on the performance of your websites as only the Management Console as well as all your data and that of your customers, predominantly your bookings, will reside in that geographical region.

Which region to choose

EU and UK companies are highly recommended to choose the EU region

The EU region provides full GDPR and GDPR-UK compliance. Any data in that region remains in the European Union and is thus compliant with the privacy regulations of the European Union and the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We recommend to choose the EU region if most of the following applies to your company

  • You require GDPR compliance for all your customer data

  • Your company is located in the European Union, Africa or the Middle East (EMEA)

  • Your offices are closer to the European Union that they are to the U.S. East Coast

  • You want to pay with SEPA direct debit using your EU bank account

  • You want or need to be charged in Euro (EUR)

U.S. and Canadian companies are highly recommended to choose the US region

The US region ensures that your customer and corporate data remain inside the United States is are not transferred internationally. All regulatory requirements within the United States and Canada are met by the US region. This includes privacy regulations such as those in California as well as regulatory requirements for payment and customer data processing.

We recommend to choose the US region if most of the following apply to your company

  • You require customer data to remain inside the United States

  • Your company is located in the United States, Canada or elsewhere

  • Your offices are closer to the U.S. East Coast than they are the European Union

  • You want or need to be charged in U.S. dollars (USD)

Performance considerations in the regions

The EU region and the US region have no difference in the performance of your sites. Only users of the Management Console of your site, like yourself, will have very minimal performance advantages the closer they or you are to the respective region. Each site hosted on LODGEA is distributed through a Content Delivery Network with over 250 locations across the global which ensures the fastest possible performance and best user experience for your clients and end-users.

Important company information

Please ensure that your provide the correct legal name of your company as well as your tax identification number, if available. The tax identification is especially important for EU and Northern Ireland companies as the reverse-charge taxation will be applied with your tax identification. Any EU company that does not provide a VAT-ID will be charged the German VAT. German companies will always be charged the German VAT amount on their invoices.

Company information during the signup

Company information during the signup

You are also asked to pick a shop identification which is often also refered to as the tenant identification. This code is your unique identification within the LODGEA system and is also used for your APIs and endpoints with connectivity partners. We recommend you choose a name that uniquely identifies your company. In most cases, the automatically determined shop identification is the best way to proceed.

Credit card and SEPA direct debit payment

SEPA direct debit payments in U.S. dollars

If you wish to pay in U.S. dollars with SEPA direct debit, we recommend that you ensure your bank account is enabled to do so. Most SEPA direct debit transactions in U.S. dollars will fail. We therefore recommend anyone willing to use the US region the use of any valid credit card. If SEPA is mandatory for your, we recommend you use the EU region instead.

All customers have the option to pay with either credit cards or through SEPA direct debit. There are not advantages or disadvantages with either of the payment options. Your credit card may, depending on your bank's configuration, require 3D-Secure (also known as 3DS, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or American Epxress SafeKey). Please ensure to have all necessary details at hand. LODGEA complies with all credit card and data security standards (such as PCI DSS for example) and will not store your credit card information. Your payment credentials are safely stored with our banking partners. All of our banking partners are respected international financial institutions with liceneses and regulatory overseight in the European Union as well as the United States.

Cancelling at any time

No fixed term contract: you can cancel at any time

We do not believe in locking you in, or keep you just because of a fixed term contract. You can cancel yourself at any given time within your account. No questions asked. Should you have any trouble with your subscription or our software, we're happy to help you through our support team. All information about your support plan can be found in the Management Console and our teams are also available on our social media channels.

You can cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period or at any other given time by simply doing so in the Management Console under Settings → Billing → Cancel your subscription. You can reactivate your subscription at any time. Once your subscription ended or terminates, your account access will be revoked and all data will be permantently deleted.

Subscription management inside your account

Subscription management inside your account

Downgrade and upgrade yourself

We allow you to switch subscriptions yourself and immediately. Please note that switching will cause our billing system to recalculate your subscription. Should you exceed the included amount of properties in your system, you may incur significantly higher charges when downgrading. We recommend you delete excess properties before downgrading to avoid any additional charges.