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Maximum payload restriction of 6 MB (Megabytes)

The OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ can become very large, depending on how many updates you push. The system currently has a payload restriction of 6 MB (Megabytes). It is recommended to keep the requests small, but execute multiple requests. You should ideally push updates as soon as they happen in your system or as soon as you receive them.

The rate amount notification request allows pushing the prices or rate amounts for the specified property, rate and room to the system. The BaseByGuestAmt XML-node can also specify rates per occupancy.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsd="" 
        <OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ EchoToken="jbfljenvnl" 
            Version="1" xmlns="">
                    <RequestorID ID="my-hotel-code" />
            <RateAmountMessages HotelCode="my-hotel-code">
                <RateAmountMessage LocatorID="1">
                        InvTypeCode="suite" />
                        <Rate Start="2021-09-03" End="2021-12-31" 
                            Mon="true" Tue="true" Weds="true" 
                            Thur="true" Fri="true" Sat="true" 
                            Sun="true" CurrencyCode="EUR">
                                <BaseByGuestAmt AmountAfterTax="199" 
                                    AgeQualifyingCode="10" />

The request primarily consists of the StatusApplicationControl-Element, the Rate-Element and the BaseByGuestAmt-Element to define and apply the rate amount or price.

Available RateAmountMessage nodes

Each RateAmountMessage node can contain the nodes specified below with their child nodes and attributes. Other than the payload restriction, there is no limitation on how many nodes an RateAmountMessage can contain.

Available nodes for a RateAmountMessage

The rate element defines the date, the weekdays and the currency code of the rate.

Field Description Example
Start Start date of the rate application 2022-05-05
End End date of the rate application 2022-05-18
Mon Applies on Monday true or false
Tue Applies on Tuesday true or false
Weds Applies on Wednesday true or false
Thur Applies on Thursday true or false
Fri Applies on Friday true or false
Sat Applies on Saturday true or false
Sun Applies on Sunday true or false
CurrencyCode ISO currency code of the currency EUR, USD, CHF, GBP etc.

The base by guest amount element defines the amount of the daily rate for the defined occupancy.

Field Description Example
AmountAfterTax Float/double value specifying the amount 199.99
NumberOfGuests Occupancy for which this amount is valid 1, 2, 3 etc.
AgeQualifyingCode Currently only adults are supported (Code 10) 10

Response contents

The rate amount notification response is simple as it will only include a <Success /> node when the operation succeeded in the system.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsd="" 
        <OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRS EchoToken="jbfljenvnl" 
            Version="1" TimeStamp="2021-09-29T19:38:34.429Z" 
            <Success />